Providing a comprehensive package of engineering services

Aas-Jakobsen is a market leader in the disciplines and specialist skills we offer in the civil and construction engineering segment. When the market is looking for a comprehensive multidisciplinary consultancy, we can provide this by collaborating in a number of different ways with other companies, whether this is for major transport projects, international bridge projects or construction projects of any size.

We have permanent, formalised partnership agreements in some markets, and ad hoc agreements in others. In every instance, Aas-Jakobsen is able to take on an assignment by acting as the coordinating lead consultant, managing the design work, and serving as the main contact towards the client, ensuring that the end solution is of high quality and has taken all the necessary factors into account.

Aas-Jakobsen believes that there is tremendous benefits from this use of networking. We are independent and can selectively pick the partners who are suitable and have the right skills for every project.

Our partnership methods are described in more detail under More Information.


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