Aas-Jakobsen Trondheim

Aas-Jakobsen Trondheim AS is our subsidiary located near the prime Engineering University of Norway. The company offers the same services as we do, and as a limited company has its independence. Ownership and partnership agreements, as well as our related company names allow us to draw upon each other’s resources as required.

Aas-Jakobsen Trondheim is also a specialist in civil engineering company organising its interdisciplinary expertise in the same way as Aas-Jakobsen, but having its main focus on projects in Central Norway. This includes both simple assignments and major, complex, interdisciplinary projects. With around 25 employees, Aas-Jakobsen Trondheim is big enough to be a highly respected civil engineering team in Trondheim, yet small enough to have a flexible and efficient organisation which can also handle small assignments quickly and efficiently.

Aas-Jakobsen Trondheim works out of the same office as the members of its interdisciplinary network, Selberg Arkitekter and ViaNova Trondheim, in Sluppen in Trondheim. See the link to Aas-Jakobsen’s website in the right-hand margin.


Ola Garli
CEO Aas-Jakobsen Trondheim AS
+47 905 31 757