NorCiv Engineering Co., Ltd.

NorCiv Engineering Co., Ltd. (NCE) in Bangkok is an engineering office of which Aas-Jakobsen is a co-owner, together with other companies including Norconsult. NCE was founded in 1994.

It has developed its skills and working capacity across the continents, and we are able to draw on each other’s resources and work together on international projects. NCE has built up an excellent level of expertise in fields such as design of major infrastructure projects in Thailand and other Asian countries and is also able to assist Aas-Jakobsen whenever required, both with consultancy and with the production of 3D models and drawings.

NCE’s offices are located on the 32nd floor of the RS Tower in Bangkok.


Trond Hagen
+47 22 51 31 00
+47 917 83 600