Finding great solutions together

Aas-Jakobsen provides a comprehensive package of engineering services. We use human resources from a range of companies for major infrastructure projects. These resources are supplied both from the Aas-Jakobsen-ViaNova network and our other long-term partners outside the network. We have chosen to continue operating as small, independent units, rather than forming one big, integrated consultancy firm on a permanent basis.

Our company network and partners have been involved in a number of the biggest and most complex infrastructure contracts in Norway, and our work has included studies, conceptual development, impact assessments, municipal sub-plans, master plans, detailed plans, zoning plans, construction plans and technical basis for tender inquiries.

The Aas-Jakobsen-ViaNova network was created in order to provide interdisciplinary expertise, solve the challenges of complex, integrated transport projects, and offer clients a comprehensive consultancy package. The partnership between Aas-Jakobsen and ViaNova began in 1988, with Geovita (Geotechnical Engineering) and Electronova (Electrical Engineering) joining the team in 1991 and 1996. Our use of independent, specialised firms is a deliberate strategy.

The firms in the network have a strong focus on specialist skills. Together, we look for complex projects involving technical challenges, which we handle by using specialists and human resources within the various technical disciplines. These challenges, together with our focus on specialist disciplines and satisfied clients, have won us a leading position in the industry, both within our specialist fields and as a multidisciplinary network. Experience and feedback from many of Norway’s biggest infrastructure projects over the last 30 years show that this strategy has been extremely successful. Altogether, we can now provide the skills of around 300 highly qualified engineers.

The companies in the network is owned by the employees, and it uses ownership between the companies to strengthen the relationship and partnership.

In addition to the companies in the network, we have developed close, long-term partnerships with several other partners, which ensures that we are able to provide a broad range of skills and expertise within all the necessary specialist disciplines required. This gives us a unique opportunity to tailor the way in which we organise our projects and skills around the needs of individual projects and across market areas.


Lars Narvestad
Director Infrastructure Division
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