One of the world’s leading bridge designers

One of Aas-Jakobsen’s strategies is to participate in international projects, primarily involving bridges. Our aim is to maintain our position as one of the leading bridge design companies in the world, and to be involved in at least one major international bridge contract at any given time. We can accomplish this through extensive project based collaboration with other international companies specialising in bridges, both for carrying out design services and supporting Contractors.

We are in demand internationally due to our expertise in long span bridges and floating bridges. Aas-Jakobsen’s activities have resulted in numerous important reference projects, which are essential in international competitions. In recent years we have been involved in projects in several countries, such as Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, USA, Canada, Iran, Uganda, Turkey and Chile.

Another of Aas-Jakobsen’s aims is to participate actively in and contribute with presentations to international conferences, mainly through IABSE (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering).


Jarle Rønvik
Director Bridge Divsion
+47 22 51 30 78
+47 928 46 933