Consulting engineers in civil and construction engineering

As one of Norway’s biggest and most respected civil and construction engineering companies, we work within a range of different markets, the main ones being Bridges, Buildings, Airports, Railways, Roads, Metro Lines and Oil and Gas. For large multidisciplinary projects, the work is conducted in partnership with other companies by use of permanent network associations and/or ad hoc engagements thus establishing complete engineering groups as required by Client and the nature of the project.

Aas-Jakobsen is one of the leading structural and civil engineering companies in Norway in these market segments. In addition, Aas-Jakobsen is also highly acclaimed internationally in the area of Long-span bridges and Oil and Gas.

Our aim is to provide services tailored to the Client’s requirements, and to help ensure that every project is successful, whatever its size. With advanced expertise and many years of experience from interdisciplinary projects, the company has an excellent foundation for future contracts.

A wide range of experience from the construction phase, combined with committed engineers and partners, means that all planning phases are implemented proactively and robustly.

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