Feasibility studies, conceptual design and pre-engineering

Aas-Jakobsen is well known for having a high level of expertise in the early phases of bridge projects, and our aim is to be known as the most innovative and pioneering bridge team in Norway. For example, we develop increasingly long spans for a range of bridge types, utilise high-strength materials and introduce new bridge types. Because of this, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has frequently asked us to conduct feasibility studies and preliminary projects, in order to find the optimum bridge concept for major fjord, river and strait crossings. Examples of these include:

  • Long-span cantilever bridges with high-strength lightweight concrete, such as the Raftsund Bridge and Sundøy Bridge
  • Development of the ‘Bridge Symphony’ concept
  • Development of the floating suspension bridge concept
  • Feasibility studies for the fjord crossings to replace the E39 ferries




Jarle Rønvik
Director Bridge Divsion
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