Static and dynamic analyses

An essential part of any project involving major structures is the production of detailed calculations/analyses. The results of the analyses are used to verify the structural capacity in order to ensure that it meets the requirements of the contractor and authorities.

Based on experience and an understanding of the structure, we extract the essential content and create a component model which provides an optimum representation of the structure. The objective is to reproduce the actual structural performance for both static and dynamic loads. For dynamic loads, Aas-Jakobsen has specialist expertise in producing calculations for structures subjected to wind, waves and earthquakes, in both the frequency and time domain.

Local three-dimensional component models are a useful way of studying local effects and can be used for work such as fatigue calculations. Aas-Jakobsen has many years of experience in producing, analysing and utilising the results of such analyses.


Aas-Jakobsen has created models and analysed a wide range of structures – from simple retaining walls to world-class, pioneering bridge structures. In the process, we have acquired unique specialist expertise which we apply on new projects.


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Director Bridge Divsion
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