Aas-Jakobsen has built up extensive experience in the use of BIM software, which we use both for designing our structures and for synchronising and coordinating all the disciplines in our projects. Ultimately, our aim is for all our design work to be performed using BIM tools, and we prefer projects to be set up as BIM projects, in which every discipline not only works in BIM, but also uses BIM for coordination and information exchange.

Our BIM-assisted design approach results in high-quality, accurate and well-structured models with the correct level and volume of information, and we also prefer reinforcement to be designed in BIM.

Using BIM as the information carrier on a project means that everyone who needs it has access to the same information, with everything being in a single, central location. BIM significantly reduces the need to create physical drawings, and under the right conditions, we would ultimately like to move to drawingless projects, with clients and contractors who are ready for this. Aas-Jakobsen believes that digitalisation in the construction industry has huge potential, both during a building’s construction phase and not least during its long-term operating phase – with a building’s digital twin being the ultimate aim.

Aas-Jakobsen has been a member of BuildingSMART Norge for many years and supports the work it is doing with standardisation and organisation via open formats in BIM. We are strong supporters of the open BIM philosophy, which states that models should be exchanged in an open format (IFC), with every company being free to choose its preferred software. In the long run, this will be the only way of working with BIM in the construction industry.

As well as performing our own design work in BIM, we have also built up extensive skills as a BIM coordinator for composite design teams involving the full range of disciplines, and as a BIM consultant and organiser for the client.  We have acquired a great deal of knowledge about this speciality through major projects such as T2 Gardermoen and T3 Flesland. Aas-Jakobsen considers that it is absolutely essential for models in a project to be set up in a uniform way. With the necessary structure and information, BIM can raise the quality and improve the efficiency of the design phase, construction phase and not least the long-term operational phase of a project.

Our preferred civil engineering design tool is Tekla Structures. The strength of the software lies in the huge opportunity it presents to streamline the production of models and drawings, since it enables to automate and minimise manual work, thereby improving quality. We have developed our own quality assurance procedures for BIM, both for checking within disciplines and for the important interdisciplinary checks which are essential in projects above a certain size.

Aas-Jakobsen is a strong believer that the entire construction industry really is now in the process of becoming digitalised, and we are determined to be at the forefront of this development.


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Director Building Division
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