New buildings

Aas-Jakobsen has a long tradition of designing new buildings for public and private clients. We have a large team of engineers who can assist with all phases of the project, from concept development, bidding phase and execution, as well as takeover and operation.  We design structures of all sizes, with load-bearing systems of steel, timber and concrete. Through the years, we have built up expertise in analyses, dynamic assessments and calculations for special structures which involve the use of a range of analysis software.

The nature of contracts in the construction industry tends to change from time to time, with the industry currently in a phase in which clients tend to favour Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts and partnership contracts. Aas-Jakobsen has experience with virtually every type of contract.

Historically, the company has had the opportunity to assist many of the major Norwegian clients with most types of structures, from churches and museums to technical plants and commercial buildings. In recent years, we have also gained a wide range of experience in complex buildings such as airports and hospitals, in which global thinking is absolutely fundamental, and requires the involvement of users and close collaboration with clients. Our dedicated employees work on interdisciplinary problems on a daily basis, and we have developed excellent procedures for collaborating in large teams and with other disciplines. Acting as an industry leader in the development of BIM has given us the opportunity to play a key role in the construction of the BIM systems for several prestigious landmark buildings in Norway. Geographically, we cover the entire country, with the bulk of our projects within Eastern Norway.

Aas-Jakobsen aims to deliver high-standard buildings for which we guarantee we take into account buildability, the environment, cost efficiency and quality for our clients.

Photo By Benson Kua, Canada, via Wikimedia Commons




Per Erik Medhus
Director Building Division
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