Software development

Aas-Jakobsen has carried out in-house software development for 30 years. We have done this in order to acquire technically advanced calculations quickly and efficiently, as well as to have full control over our own calculation tools. The development team is engineers with knowledge of Fortran, C, C ++, Windows programming and they also have the ability to develop programming supplements to AutoCAD and Tekla.


Novaprog is a program system developed by Aas-Jakobsen for static and dynamic analyzes, and the dimensioning of beam cross sections. NovaProg consists of two applications; NovaFrame and NovaDesign.

NovaFrame and NovaDesign are working towards a common database that enables the exchange of data between applications and using NovaDesign as an automatic post processing program for NovaFrame. Both programs have a full text file representation of model data. Text file format also allows alphanumeric values, mathematical operators, loops and Boolean operators for a flexible and parameter-controlled input.


NovaFrame is an analysis program based on beam element theory. The program has a wide range of analysis capabilities, which, in combination with a single user interface, make the application an all-round tool for many types of frame analyzes. The program is particularly suitable for usage instructions, but is also quick to use for simpler models and other types of construction.

Some important functionalities in NovaFrame:

  • Space frame analysis
  • Frame geometry based on reference lines
  • Beam elements
  • Flexible cross section input
  • Prestress tendon layout
  • Comprehensive load capabilities
  • Traffic load generator
  • Submodels and construction phases
  • Creep analysis
  • 2. order analysis
  • Eigenvalue analysis
  • Dynamic earthquake analysis
  • Dynamic wind analysis
  • Comprehensive error checks
  • Automatic analysis report document


NovaDesign is a dimensioning program for concrete beams. The program can perform calculations for all types of cross-sectional geometry and with detailed reinforcement and tensioning information. The program calculates tension and tension for combined torque and axle load, as well as calculating shear and torsion capacity according to regulations.

Some important functionalities in NovaDesign:

  • Reinforced concrete section design
  • Parametric or general cross section geometry
  • Design check according to NS 3473 5. ed.
  • Design check according Eurocode-2 with NA
  • Prestressing effects
  • Flexural design
  • Shear- and torsion design
  • Automatic design based on reinforcement tables
  • Non-linear material strain and stress calculation
  • Crack width calculation
  • Various cross section capacity diagrams
  • Design of slender columns
  • Various cross section capacity diagrams
  • Comprehensive error checks
  • Automatic design report document


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Download demo version

Demo version of the programs has the same functionality as the full version of the programs, but the use of the demo version is limited to a period of 7 days. To enable the demo version, use this serial number: trial.902-8-812.

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