Detailed design

Aas-Jakobsen has a long tradition of using its recognised concrete expertise in the oil and gas industry. For the last 15 years, our activity within this market has focused around the design of big concrete structures built by Kværner, to which we have contributed with staff in key positions in the structural discipline. Since it is the company’s aim to be a leading company in innovative and pioneering concrete structures, the company has ensured that these are priority projects.

Through many years, we have built up a great deal of expertise in advanced analyses and design software. This includes dynamic analyses as well as non-linear component analyses. We make use of the most advanced computer software available in the commercial market as well as developing special purpose software for specialised applications. For dynamic analyses, Aas-Jakobsen has specialist expertise in carrying out calculations for wind, waves and earthquakes, in both the frequency and time domain. In recent years, we have achieved great success using the BIM tool (3D), which has enabled us to address interdisciplinary needs practically and competently. We have worked closely with the developers of this tool to make improvements and modifications, and together have developed effective processes which now allow us to include standard reinforcement in a shared 3D model.

We believe that our versatile and broad experience within the full range of concrete structures gives our engineers an excellent basis with which to provide a meaningful contribution to the successful design of large and demanding concrete structures for the oil and gas industry.




Trond Hagen
Director Marine Division
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