New roads

Aas-Jakobsen has been designing road infrastructure in Oslo since 1985, and has now built up a considerable amount of reference projects and expertise in road infrastructure projects of varying complexity. The work has over the years been extended to other parts of Norway.

Aas-Jakobsen designs every aspect of road systems. We produce outline projects, technical preliminary projects, construction plans and take part in supervision during the construction period. Aas-Jakobsen coordinates all the disciplines and implements this in the projects by working with its network and partners; we deliver the full package by managing all the disciplines within our team.

We have in-depth experience in solutions involving rock tunnels, open construction pits and complex intersections in areas subject to various restrictions. Our projects are well known for their excellent construction engineering and implementation plans. We work actively to find solutions which mean that projects can be implemented with acceptable consequences to traffic in the construction period, the surrounding area and natural environment. Comprehensive projects in which all the disciplines are well coordinated are our objective and our strength.




Lars Narvestad
Director Infrastructure Division
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