Aas-Jakobsen on board for the new Government Quarter project

Now we can celebrate! ‘Adapt’ has been voted the winning concept, and Team Urbis has been awarded the honour of designing the new Government Quarter.

The project team behind ‘Adapt’ is made up of Nordic – Office of Architecture (assisted by: Haptic Architects) in partnership with COWI, Aas-Jakobsen, Ingeniør Per Rasmussen, Rambøll & Asplan Viak, SLA and Bjørbekk & Lindheim landscape architects, and subcontractors Scenario, NIKU and Norsam.

We must also thank our worthy competitors in the team behind Lysning: LPO Architects, A-Lab, Ratio Architects, IARK, Gullik Gulliksen AS, Sweco, Norconsult and Dr.Techn.Olav Olsen AS – it was indeed an exciting competition.

Now the work begins – it is a prestigious contract which will be given high priority.

Read and see more here: bygg.no og nrk.no


Pictures of the project:


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